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  1. High interest/low level books?
  2. Sensory Balls for infants/toddlers
  3. Is this sensory or low muscle tone related or something else?
  4. Dyslexia experience?
  5. add (inattentive) moms, need some support, please
  6. Suggestions for organizing/carrying type 1 Diabetes supplies?
  7. Autism in middle and high school
  8. Prozac for Kids
  9. Aspergers vs ADHD vs???
  10. Does anyone have experience with OCD in children?
  11. Headphones?
  12. Extended Release Melatonin Liquid or fast melts?
  13. Dealing with ADHD/Impulsive stuff with 9 year-old
  14. UPDATE! Help, new doctor won't prescribe existing meds!
  15. 2 vents
  16. Help me get the ball rolling!!!
  17. Experience with Zoloft
  18. Just have to share some victories
  19. I need some shoe help
  20. Lilah got the most improved award in her class!
  21. anyone else have a child LPNOS?
  22. Reading comprehension
  23. How to get ADHD diagnosis and meds?
  24. Aspie teens or older kids??
  25. positive strep test - ped suspects Pandas
  26. selling a weighted vest?
  27. ADHD child - Pandas
  28. Anyone dealings with multiple SN kids and feeling overwhelmed?
  29. Dysgraphia?
  30. Are IEP's confidential?
  31. New to this...SPD...starting Kindy
  32. Walking with one foot turned out
  33. Anyone dealing with DMDD?
  34. Anyone use Melatonin with their kiddos?
  35. DD got her period and...
  36. Delete
  37. ADHD Meds and weight loss
  38. Poor Lilah :(
  39. Down syndrome (or other special needs) and periods
  40. Request a 504 or not?
  42. Which meds are similar to Concerta?
  43. Is generic Concerta suddenly not working for anyone else's child?
  44. vyvanse and facial and noise tics>
  45. Nervous about appt this week
  46. Has anyone had GeneSight testing done for your ADHD child?
  47. We have a Formal Diagnosis - Dual Type Dyslexia Plus Auditory Processing Disorder
  48. Tell me about anxiety in kids...
  49. Son is being teased because of his speech
  50. Those with ABA - How do you handle having a therapist in your home all the time?
  51. Does your child use a communication device/AAC?
  52. iPad?
  53. If you child has autism what is in their IEP?
  54. Odd
  55. If you have a autistic child....
  56. Undiagnosed aspergers in teen girl?
  57. My Logan
  58. What a difference a year makes!
  59. Need help - weaning daughter off Prozac and major behavioral changes
  60. Focalin xr and sleep issues
  61. WWYD-Evaluations
  62. IEP Meeting Question
  63. Not really sure what the school expects from me here
  64. Aspbergers?
  65. What has helped your sesitive kids in school?
  66. Apraxia help
  67. Methylphenidate?
  68. Cant find "Sky Grass Dirt/Ground" paper
  69. I think my toddler may have some special needs
  70. Give me the lowdown on OT
  71. Does a child need to be struggling for 504?
  72. If your daughter has ADD and or low working memory/slow processing, please come in.
  73. Question about privacy.
  74. deleted
  75. How to explain stopping therapy
  76. anger issues in 9 yo ?
  77. Questions about diet changes
  78. Brain Balance?
  79. Please tell me about anxiety meds in children
  80. Super late to ask - Have ABA intake parent meeting tomorrow
  81. Does ODD go away in adulthood?
  82. Does your 7-8 year old DD...
  83. Please delete
  84. Can anyone tell me about a 504
  85. Who out their is raising their children on their own with disability? DS has autism
  86. SSI disability Process
  87. Brain jogging or Cogmed
  88. Update on DD's first appointment
  89. I feel like crying... DD's health problems just won't resolve!
  90. Autism diagnosis as teenager
  91. *Updated 1/22* Not sure what to do about DD!
  92. Down Syndrome and attention span
  93. Strattera & nightmares
  94. My heart is heavy
  95. Deleted
  96. Help with Intuniv
  97. Update 1/10: YDD has severe speech issues...would love advice
  98. Anyone use generic Intuiv?
  99. Can I just say?
  100. Bedwetting...
  101. Need suggestions -being forced to have dd tested
  102. Special Needs, IEP's and college
  103. 504 and high school application/interview
  104. Down Syndrome questions
  105. Autism regression
  106. IEP for ADHD?
  107. Birthday party - just had to share!
  108. Risperdal or Abilify?
  109. You know you are a parent to a special needs kid when.......
  110. Anyone's DC get a diagnosis as a preschooler?
  111. Should a Special Education child be failing?
  112. Vacation week meltdowns
  113. Math problem reappearing.............7th grade Pre-Algebra
  114. How old to start the melatonin?
  115. Nordic Natural products for ADHD
  116. The FDA stated that some generic Concerta isn't as effective!
  117. New Here * getting the ball rolling with 10 yo math troubles....
  118. Possible Sensory/Emotional Behavioral Issues With DD, 4.5. Input Needed Please
  119. Dysgraphia
  120. Random question
  121. An interesting read from a teacher's perspective........to the *other* parents
  122. hearing test question
  123. What are we dealing with?
  124. Heard of ARFID eating disorder?
  125. More impulsive on Concerta?
  126. New Research Links ADHD with Air Pollution in Utero
  127. DD has a sub all next week
  128. Intuniv & Anxiety
  129. DH's comment to DS who has ADHD.
  130. Will my son ever speak clearly?
  131. Suggestions on sturdy headphones for a child with special needs?
  132. Could really use some support
  133. Did anyone try Cymbalta?
  134. Talk to me about "weighted vests" (sensory issues)
  135. Advice, Thoughts, Experiences
  136. Special diet and traveling
  137. Tips/tricks? Add yours here.
  138. Speech buddy
  139. 9 yo gets in a wicked mood after using Electronics
  140. Has anyone started homeschooling their SN child in middle school?
  141. Fish oil or coconut oil for ADD?
  142. Daughter on Prozac - Would love your insight!!
  143. What type of tests for my son?
  144. How little sleep is OK?
  145. Help me diagnose my son
  146. If you have more then one gifted child ?
  147. Clonidine for sleep disturbances in ASD?
  148. Help for my DS...ideas
  149. Finally! Stuff for older chewers!
  150. Generic Concerta - kremers urban is the manufacturer - your experiences?
  151. Need help- no bashing- tween with dysgraphia
  152. *October support thread*
  153. Autism and food
  154. DD cries so much!
  155. I am so hurt and SO pissed - long but need advice
  156. Anyone have a dc that takes Intuniv?
  157. Should I let this go?
  158. Autism and therapy
  159. SN mom brag...
  160. She will only wear jeans and tees...and I am so happy!
  161. ADHD meds. Need some advice/suggestions.
  162. ASD and food
  163. 504 Help?
  164. Anyone use Vyvanse for ADHD?
  165. n/m
  166. Agression and ADHD?
  167. Does this sound flaky to anyone else?
  168. adhd-treatment without meds?
  169. Tell Me About Stimulants
  170. Persistent Toe Walking
  171. ADHD - Hyperactive/Impulsive Type?
  172. Please help. Third grader constantly zoning out and lost in class
  173. IEP question...
  174. Circle of Friends
  175. Adhd and anxiety... need advice please
  176. Essential oils for ADHD/autism
  177. A little brag
  178. ADD/ADHD - best place to begin. 9 yr old
  179. Speech moms- unstable jaw?
  180. Possible dyslexia- HELP
  181. Generic Concerta?
  182. Nervous to start Ritalin
  183. How long do you give it before you decide that a classroom isn't working out?
  184. This was going to be the year when we didn't have to tell the teacher about DD's SPD
  185. Feingold
  186. Finally! Food Progress!
  187. How do you make a Halloween costume around a wheelchair?
  188. weight gain and agression on Lamictal for seizures?? anyone?
  189. GemIIni? Anyone heard of it?
  190. Please delete
  191. Need IEP Help: Physically Disabled, No Cognitive Deficits-High School
  192. How to handle clean up issues with ADHD
  193. ADHD & Anxiety Question - Best Meds for both
  194. Trouble with reading. Is this normal? Update 9/18
  195. Another question about omega 3 vitamins
  196. Need help with anxiety
  197. Diet question
  198. Omega 3 with DHA
  199. ABA per hour rate?
  200. Hypermobility?
  201. Tell me more about melatonin please!
  202. How do you get perseverating misbehavior to STOP???
  203. Tell me about your twice exceptional child - gifted and aspergers possibly?
  204. Grandma LOST IT today!
  205. This is just so hard some days.
  206. Tell me about Tourette's Syndrome
  207. Pdas
  208. Need help - Anxiety in my 7 year old
  209. Perseverance
  210. PT
  211. What to do - skin picker?
  212. Questions about changing diet
  213. Anger/grumpiness/anxiety - side effect of meds?
  214. Wondering if anyone has advice
  215. Questions about ASD (new to this)
  216. Hyperlexia
  217. Jacob might have made a new friend...
  218. Ssi?
  219. Parents with a diabetic child
  220. late bloomer or early signs of asd
  221. Special needs Support thread JUNE
  222. Another Concerta Question
  223. Finally a diagnosis!
  224. Any other moms of oral kids?
  225. How did you teach your child how to write?
  226. Had EI evaluation- UPDATE 6/28
  227. Facial Tics and other things
  228. Just wanted to share a proud moment!!
  229. The waiting game
  230. This is Autism documentary
  231. When and how for 504?
  232. Anyone's DC Take Medication for OCD?
  233. Summer Evaluation
  234. Ever taken a break from therapy?
  235. Question about ADD
  236. Mirroring behavior
  237. School Wants Child to STOP "rocking head". Help!
  238. LearningRx?
  239. Learning disabilities testing?
  240. Wanting feedback on a question about cups
  241. Autism and extracurricular activities
  242. Defeated and just depressed
  243. Sensory avoiding and Fencing Reflex still present in 6yo...
  244. Received IEP Meeting Letting In The Mail
  245. Non Medication Treatments for Girls with ADHD
  246. Gift suggestions for those with dc with more severe autism?
  247. IEP for summer camp?
  248. Does anyone have an IEP or 504 for anxiety?
  249. ADHD Meds
  250. Question for moms with kids that have autism