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  1. Speech moms- unstable jaw?
  2. Possible dyslexia- HELP
  3. Generic Concerta?
  4. Nervous to start Ritalin
  5. How long do you give it before you decide that a classroom isn't working out?
  6. This was going to be the year when we didn't have to tell the teacher about DD's SPD
  7. Feingold
  8. Finally! Food Progress!
  9. How do you make a Halloween costume around a wheelchair?
  10. weight gain and agression on Lamictal for seizures?? anyone?
  11. GemIIni? Anyone heard of it?
  12. Please delete
  13. Need IEP Help: Physically Disabled, No Cognitive Deficits-High School
  14. How to handle clean up issues with ADHD
  15. ADHD & Anxiety Question - Best Meds for both
  16. Trouble with reading. Is this normal?
  17. Another question about omega 3 vitamins
  18. Need help with anxiety
  19. Diet question
  20. Omega 3 with DHA
  21. ABA per hour rate?
  22. Hypermobility?
  23. Tell me more about melatonin please!
  24. How do you get perseverating misbehavior to STOP???
  25. Tell me about your twice exceptional child - gifted and aspergers possibly?
  26. Grandma LOST IT today!
  27. This is just so hard some days.
  28. Tell me about Tourette's Syndrome
  29. Pdas
  30. Need help - Anxiety in my 7 year old
  31. Perseverance
  32. PT
  33. What to do - skin picker?
  34. Questions about changing diet
  35. Anger/grumpiness/anxiety - side effect of meds?
  36. Wondering if anyone has advice
  37. Questions about ASD (new to this)
  38. Hyperlexia
  39. Jacob might have made a new friend...
  40. Ssi?
  41. Parents with a diabetic child
  42. late bloomer or early signs of asd
  43. Special needs Support thread JUNE
  44. Another Concerta Question
  45. Finally a diagnosis!
  46. Any other moms of oral kids?
  47. How did you teach your child how to write?
  48. Had EI evaluation- UPDATE 6/28
  49. Facial Tics and other things
  50. Just wanted to share a proud moment!!
  51. The waiting game
  52. This is Autism documentary
  53. When and how for 504?
  54. Anyone's DC Take Medication for OCD?
  55. Summer Evaluation
  56. Ever taken a break from therapy?
  57. Question about ADD
  58. Mirroring behavior
  59. School Wants Child to STOP "rocking head". Help!
  60. LearningRx?
  61. Learning disabilities testing?
  62. Wanting feedback on a question about cups
  63. Autism and extracurricular activities
  64. Defeated and just depressed
  65. Sensory avoiding and Fencing Reflex still present in 6yo...
  66. Received IEP Meeting Letting In The Mail
  67. Non Medication Treatments for Girls with ADHD
  68. Gift suggestions for those with dc with more severe autism?
  69. IEP for summer camp?
  70. Does anyone have an IEP or 504 for anxiety?
  71. ADHD Meds
  72. Question for moms with kids that have autism
  73. How much has therapy helped your autistic child?
  74. Blood Pressure Medicine for Behavior Issues
  75. Can charter school kick us out?
  76. He's getting an IEP!!!
  77. First IEP meeting
  78. Transitioning to Kindergarten
  79. May Special Needs Support Thread
  80. Para pro at school? and IEP question
  81. plot twist
  82. Homeschooling a SN child?
  83. Trying to get a speech eval is like trying to herd cats
  84. Knowing when to request an ADHD med. dosage increase
  85. A little ray of sunshine for you SN moms!
  86. 8 $25 off $50 Gymbucks for sale! $5.50 gifted
  87. Special Needs Child #2
  88. At a loss, guidance needed!
  89. sharing some good and not so good news
  90. School issue
  91. Concussion and 504 Plan
  92. ADD & ADHD question
  93. Got Luke melatonin
  94. Brushing therapy?
  95. Strattera question
  96. Any other kids do therapeutic riding?
  97. DD has a sub this entire week because of state testing. Grrrrr.
  98. ADHD 6 yo and sports...is this normal?
  99. Weighted Blankets
  100. Sale at Zulily
  101. Homeschool curriculum
  102. Anyone else with Tourette's?
  103. Concerta And Weight Loss
  104. Amusing cartoon for my fellow SN moms
  105. Field trip anxiety
  106. Lifts for children's shoes/feet
  107. We might have found a summer camp that will regulate DD
  108. Mixed Receptive Expressive Language Disorder
  109. April Special Needs Support Thread
  110. Insurance vent
  111. Does your child attend their IEP meeting?
  112. melatonin question
  113. My kindergartener is a liar
  114. Standardized testing
  115. Please help me word an email to DS's Speech Therapist
  116. Anyone's DC have Blounts disease??
  117. ADHD and ODD anyone?
  118. Anyone familiar with TGMD (Gross Motor) and APEAS (Phys Ed) Assessments?
  119. Natural Anxiety Remedies?
  120. What do you do when your child is hyper focused?
  121. Talk to me about sensory processing disorder
  122. Discipline help please. Almost 3yr old.. Long
  123. Speaking of Melatonin, has anyone's DC had side effects from Melatonin?
  124. My DD is an emotional basketcase.
  125. Melatonin help
  126. Opinions... Please.
  127. I hate to admit my problem
  128. Spring Break...here come the unregulated meltdowns!!
  129. Ritalin LA?
  130. Fantastic Asperger info website!!!
  131. Any benefit to pursuing autism diagnosis?
  132. What do you say when...
  133. Nocturnal Epilepsy & Monitors
  134. DS has ADHD and Aspergers. we tried different meds and.....:(
  135. Xposted - aspergers resources
  136. If your child with ADHD also has anxiety, what medication(s) is working for him/her?
  137. Hey Special Needs Mamas...have you seen this? Caroline's Cart
  138. Bittersweet - Doctor Consult Yesterday
  139. abuse at school and issues. updated again post 17
  140. First orthopedist appt- what to expect
  141. How much is too much?
  142. Neurofeedback
  143. What are my rights? New school and placement concerns
  144. what to expect with home aba tutor?
  145. Does anyone's child receive SSI?
  146. March Special Needs Support Thread
  147. Question for Working Moms
  148. What do I do to help my son?
  149. Fixed delusions? Anyone have any experience?
  150. Autistic boy stuck in a chair!
  151. Stomach ache concerta
  152. Auditory Processing Disorder
  153. Is it possible for Special Needs to show up in Tweens?
  154. Has anyone had a child who received a wish from Make-A-Wish?
  155. First 504 meeting tomorrow - Accommodations?
  156. Pediatric Neurology
  157. anxiety?
  158. Strattera?
  159. Guess I need to add myself :)
  160. Occupational therapy for sensory issues
  161. DD1 is about to start Concerta...
  162. Sleep issues and ADHD meds
  163. Chewing
  164. I am absolutely beside myself!
  165. Bipolar meds? Experience--Update started med
  166. Testing question, Test Of Written Language
  167. Advice for possibly retaining a child?
  168. We get "the results" on Wednesday - I admit, I'm scared ** UPDATE POST #13 **
  169. WDYT - Montessori?
  170. Mood stablizer?? Anyone have experience?
  171. Rocking getting worse...
  172. Looking for other mom's of Aspies and kids with ODD
  173. A Little Advice - Please
  174. BiPolar?????????
  175. Need advice...school issues for DD
  176. How long do you keep IEP,etc... papers?
  177. Your thoughts? (Very long)
  178. February Special Needs Support Thread
  179. Suspecting ADHD (Update After Appointment - Post 32)
  180. older autistic child. alternatives to pull-ups
  181. Deleted
  182. Impulsiveness in Children
  183. Help! RX for anxiety? Which one?
  184. Bipolar in adults...how do you know?
  185. SN Preschool
  186. Help! Insomnia...
  187. Great deal on Dragon Software (dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc)
  188. ABA for older child
  189. hand tremors, does your dc have them?
  190. Barton Reading & Spelling for Dyslexia....
  191. ADD Help. When to medicate?
  192. Would you try to switch meds?
  193. SN Moms. How do YOU cope?
  194. Moms of anxiety kids
  195. Any negative social aspects to getting an IEP?
  196. Bipolar in Teens...HELP--UPDATED
  197. Questions about add
  198. Any idea what the diagnosis might be? UPDATE 2/10
  199. Medical special needs and anger?
  200. Have you done behavior modification counseling for ADHD?
  201. Thoughts on my DD- Social Anxiety or Selective Mutism
  202. How do you handle consequences for bad behavior in school?
  203. Wanted to share a "big" moment of Kellan's!
  204. Seeing some disconcerting side effects of ADHD meds...
  205. Anyone stay at 18 mg of generic concerta?
  206. Pharmacy does not stock her meds...Update
  207. UPDATE! Trying concerta for the first time tomorrow
  208. Diet and Bi-polar disorder question
  209. Tell me about orthotics
  210. Diagnosis Change = IEP Change?
  211. ADHD Diagnosis confirmed. Any experince with the patch?
  212. Advice for possible gifted son
  213. Help with DS *super long*
  214. hello newbie here..ASD spectrum
  215. Anyone have child in "self contained" classroom?
  216. help with spelling?
  217. Vyvance worked for a while....
  218. EEG help
  219. Intuniv for ASD/ADHD
  220. I think my child has ADHD. What do I do?
  221. Starting ds on the generic for Concerta .. questions...
  222. I just don't understand this
  223. Focalin XR causing tummy aches in 6yr old
  224. Concerta advice needed
  225. Officially introducing myself
  226. If you have a sensory seeker- Added ? in last post
  227. Anyone tried neurofeedback
  228. Legs hurting & not wanting to walk? DS has hypotonia, but I think this is different.
  229. DS is an angel at school and at home he is a terror
  230. Desperate need of ideas-DS asked to leave kindergarten (autism)
  231. How do you deal with? ADHD related/Facebook
  232. 18 month old not talking
  233. Just need someone to listen
  234. Please "like" my Facebook page
  235. DD is not doing well off meds
  236. I need some help/advice or something!
  237. Sensory/Head Rocking/9yo..help!
  238. Good high chair for feeding therapy?
  239. Gift ideas for therapist
  240. Natural ADHD cures now that DD has been taken off meds?
  241. How do I walk the line between demanding and pushover at school?
  242. a little mom brag
  243. DD is going off Concerta
  244. Inattentive ADD
  245. How to get DD to swallow her pill
  246. Pickers...
  247. Focus,Homework,Pulling My hair Out LOL
  248. Need help/input...DS referred to ST, OT, ABA, and Pediatric Neurologist
  249. What do you do if your child isn't very likable?
  250. Plan in place for anxiety?