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  1. Another period question...
  2. Cards against Humanity
  3. Just wanted to share
  4. College students studying abroad
  5. Teen Boy Clothes Question
  6. Modest swimsuits
  7. How old was your daughter???
  8. A&F kids: Extra 30% off clearance, stacks with email sign up 15%
  9. Braces Questions
  10. Need Tween Father/Daughter Dance Dress
  11. College acceptance letters
  12. AP Spanish (or any foreign language)
  13. Discipline for poor grades?
  14. Period frustrations and should I be worried?
  15. Period spinoff**when did your DD start using tampons?
  16. if your dc is on anxiety meds
  17. FREE Jazzercise classes for girls ages 16-21 all yr
  18. 14 year old doesn't have a phone
  19. College courses for incoming ninth grader???
  20. Jackets for senior & college age boy teens
  21. High School Winter Formal. Is your Teen going? Photo Share!
  22. Summer Camps - what age to sleep over?
  23. So frustrated with the "teen culture"
  24. DD got her period yesterday :(
  25. Hollister Visa Checkout
  26. Dumb question that I've probably asked before
  27. SAT prep course?
  28. Keeping up with monitoring text/social media
  29. Tell me about buying bras for your teen/tween
  30. Now that we got a phone......
  31. What about this jacket for a teen girl?
  32. Best rain/waterproof boots for tween?
  33. Suggestions for 13 yr. old DD's b-day party?
  34. How do you store older large portraits of the kids?
  35. Bike recommendation for an 11.5 yr DD
  36. Tween leggings
  37. Would your teen dd wear this coat?
  38. Moms of runners- indoor track
  39. Yet another acne question
  40. Does anyone buy adult MJ for their tween/teen?
  41. IB High Schools
  42. Honors college
  43. ? Camera for doing stop motion pics of American Girl?
  44. tween/teen clothing
  45. When the heck do you people wrap?
  46. Upset about an possible incident at school
  47. Spring Break swimwear
  48. I don't understand AE sizing.
  49. Abercrombie is 50% off entire store
  50. teaching your teen to drive
  51. Tweens and Santa
  52. anxiety
  53. FYI check out your local Optimist Club for Scholarships
  54. Anyone actually looking forward to their teen moving out?
  55. 12 yr old facial cleansing system and makeup
  56. Cute Animal Onesies
  57. Teenagers and coats
  58. Who else is anxiously checking the mailbox for college acceptance letters?
  59. Grab Bag gift
  60. College application deadlines -- stupid question
  61. "Blardigan" type sweater in tween sizes?
  62. If you buy books for your kids do they read them several times?
  63. Psat, Sat, Act?
  64. Help: Holiday Gift Ideas 8-9 yr. Daughter
  65. Choosing a foreign language
  66. TNF vs Patagonia
  67. Teen White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas?
  68. Big gift ideas 13/14 year old girls?
  69. Competitive softball, choosing a team
  70. Quality of Justice mermaid blankets?
  71. Kate Spade surprise sale
  72. If your dd is a late bloomer/smaller
  73. VS Pink
  74. tween gifts $5 and under
  75. anyone shop at ivory ella?
  76. How old for phone?
  77. How much pizza and breadsticks for 12 tweens?
  78. Can someone explain the appeal of the Echo dot?
  79. What's Trending? Need teen gift ideas!
  80. VB crossbody or wristlet for teen
  81. Justice sale
  82. DD will be playing in the Pearl Harbor Mass Band
  83. Care package for a tween having surgery
  84. ideas for boy secret santa
  85. AK Sizing
  86. Varsity letterman jackets for more than 1 activity
  87. If your high school ds got a class ring...
  88. Any advice ?
  89. 13 year old SO picky about clothing!
  90. is justice 50% in store or just online?
  91. tween friendship drama - how to cope
  92. Tea Co.-like dresses in bigger sizes?
  93. Lost Justice package!
  94. Tween ipad case
  95. College decisions - anyone hire engineers at your company?
  96. Anyone seen Ugg style boots with flexible soles?
  97. quick friend help needed
  98. Braces help!
  99. Ivory Ella Jogger Sweatpants
  100. OOTD Holiday Addition!
  101. Robe & slippers for a 14 year old?
  102. Help my DD go back to public school-need to know some trends
  103. ugh DD (12) has no ideas for Christmas
  104. lokai bracelets
  105. Is this reasonable? Band teacher expectations during holiday week
  106. Was justice's class action ever settled?
  107. Anyone else still waiting for justice bf orders?
  108. Anyone with a child with scoliosis? We just found
  109. Bath bombs
  110. Riding boots for skinny legs?
  111. Sizing/holiday dress help
  112. Suggestion for teen who doesn't want to use a purse....
  113. Tween Holiday Dress Style?
  114. When to allow...
  115. Rash Guard sets for teens?
  116. What have you ordered from Etsy?
  117. Hollister Carts
  118. Storm for Monsoon - Party Dresses for Teens
  119. How old for North face?
  120. Sizing help- The North Face Mossbud jacket
  121. Anyone seen some riding boots like this?
  122. Has anyone bought Athleta Girl?
  123. Cancelled Justice Order
  124. Tween/young teen movies
  125. ideas for teen/tween lounge room
  126. Justice BF is up!
  127. 14 year old boys
  128. What are you buying from Justice
  129. Sperry duckboots
  130. GTA5 for Xbox one. Do you allow your teen to play?
  131. Is the AK 40% off today the best we will see?
  132. UPDATE Hollister Black Friday?
  133. Snapchat- what should I know?
  134. 14 year old boy
  135. Black/White Nikes the girls are wearing
  136. Question for moms of cross country runners
  137. Pj pants for tall girls
  138. What are you getting your high school seniors for Christmas?
  139. Jacket recommendations for 17yo senior
  140. Recommendation for headphone stand
  141. Fashion panic
  142. photo thank-you card
  143. Tween shopping
  144. Santa gift for teenage girl
  145. What jackets and winter coats are "in" for 13 yr olds...
  146. Help me find a dress for the dance
  147. Where to shop
  148. Question about Ivivva
  149. Any tweens wear a watch?
  150. Fun leggings and tunics?
  151. Pink - Black Friday?
  152. Fashion advice for 13 yo
  153. Abercrombie kids BF carts
  154. Legend of Zelda game
  155. Are Kylie lip kits worth the money?
  156. Teen Boy Gift Ideas
  157. Recommendation for a shaver for a 10-year-old
  158. Adidas Superstars
  159. How to find scholarship info?
  160. Justice Black Friday?
  161. Abercrombie Kids BF and dress question
  162. What's happening to Aeropostale?
  163. Tween makeup question
  164. 13 YO movie party snack thoughts
  165. The braces are coming off...:)
  166. Please, School Me on Lush
  167. What are some good relaxation techniques to help DD sleep?
  168. Teen Stocking Stuffers!!!
  169. Adopting a teen
  170. Justice - Black Friday ?
  171. Good stocking stuffer idea for teens
  172. Tracking - Do you track your driving teen?
  173. Accessories for Fugi Instax Mini?
  174. "After School" App
  175. Monthly subscription box for 12yo girl
  176. Abercrombie Kids black friday
  177. So speaking of iphones.....how do you get the best deal on one?
  178. foot spa?
  179. Cologne for 14 year old
  180. What age for I phone
  181. Advent calendar for 12.5 year old?
  182. Shoe help
  183. Small items for teen advent calendar
  184. S/O sleepover gift etiquette thread
  185. 13 yo boy gift suggestions
  186. (Added 2 new dresses) Need help with dress for rehearsal dinner
  187. EOS Bath Body Works help
  188. Sleepover etiquette
  189. Acne help!
  190. How much homework for your 8th grader?
  191. BC pills for hormone imbalance?
  192. What to wear for senior portraits (boy)?
  193. How would you counsel your tween to handle this with a teacher?
  194. PBT Hang Around Chairs
  195. What shoes to wear ?
  196. Headphones
  197. Elf shenanigans for older kids
  198. Party rules for teens?
  199. S/O party bus invite
  200. Anyone have experience with Invisalign?
  201. Boots for a 7th grader
  202. Those with high school seniors (or those who have kids that have graduated)
  203. Puberty Books for Boys?
  204. PBteen Hang Around Chairs
  205. How are you talking with your teens about the election?
  206. Justice
  207. My 13yo DD just got invited to a birthday party on a party bus.
  208. Cell phone holder for making musically videos?
  209. Halloween issue with DD's group
  210. Too Faced Make Up- Is this a good gift for 13 Year old?
  211. What time does your MS and HS start?
  212. Never mind, it's been moved.
  213. How would you handle this?
  214. Vaccinations in school and error made - WWYD? UPDATED
  215. DS afraid of heights! WWYD?
  216. Awkward situation....wwyd?
  217. Christmas dress ideas?
  218. What jeans do your Tweens prefer from A&F?
  219. Olympic gymnast costume?
  220. Need costume suggestion
  221. Costumes for teen boys that aren't fussy/difficult
  222. s/o senior photo thread...
  223. A different question regarding Victoria's Secret PINK
  224. Will there be any justice sales anytime soon?
  225. Where do you mostly clothes-shop for teen boys?
  226. When ordering Senior portraits...
  227. Winter Coats for middle school girls in cold climates?
  228. Trends for 10-12 year old girl gifts?
  229. What is appropriate consequence?
  230. Adjusting to middle school...
  231. Cat Ear Headphones from Brookstone
  232. Abercrombie kids coupon?
  233. Hmmmm....unfollowed someone on my dd's instagram
  234. Hair dryer
  235. Ivory Ella
  236. What do your tween take trick or treating to collect candy in??
  237. Venting on teen drama
  238. "Shame" your teammates
  239. Tiny middle schooler
  240. Please help with sizing on LL Beans Boots.
  241. Victoria's Secret PINK, school me on how to shop?
  242. I need a gift for a 14 year old girl fast. Amazon is best
  243. Teenagers and Alcohol
  244. Where have you found the best deals on UGGS?
  245. Entering middle school late
  246. High Schooler HATES her new school... WWYD?
  247. What do you think of this dress for a Nov 4th event?
  248. AK overalls? any reviews?
  249. I dislike group projects!
  250. Do you have an older HS kid or college student with a LD?