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  1. Growth Spurt? Hormones? Medication? What is going on?
  2. See thru tops
  3. Can Someone School Me on Teen Sizing (Hollister, AE, Aero)
  4. Whats Next ??
  5. Girl moms of tweens/teens...
  6. and how would you respond? or would you? *update
  7. Bloody nose
  8. My DD's Junior Prom
  9. Never Mind :)
  10. Anyone try Yellowberry Company?
  11. What time does your older teen go to bed??
  12. Very proud of DD
  13. Grey's pics from Prom
  14. When do you drop your kids to hang out in a public place?
  15. What to use for Parental Controls/Keystroke Logs?
  16. Justice size 16 what size in juniors?
  17. Jack Rogers Deal
  18. wanted to share a few pics from dd's prom last night
  19. Waxing eyebrows the first time tips
  20. College applications. How much do you do for them?
  21. Sleepovers in their older teens...
  22. Lots of replens at AK!
  23. Shopping for a tall tween
  24. Another Thread for Dance Moms!
  25. Dance Moms I need help....
  26. Giggle of the Day...YDD is a Trip!
  27. Yellowberry Bras...have you seen these?
  28. How will I ever trust her again?
  29. Does anyone have experience with AICE high school courses?
  30. Gift idea's for 10 yo DD?
  31. DD being sneaky
  32. S/O How tall is your DS at age 10?
  33. What do your teen boys use to clean their face?
  34. She did it again
  35. Should I send ds on a hiking trip?
  36. I officially have a teenager!!!
  37. can we talk prom dresses?
  38. Love this dress @ AK
  39. Why do people have to be rude? High school related...
  40. Drugs in High School
  41. Looking for an Elsa dress for 12 yr old DD
  42. teen/tween stores with crummy return policies
  43. Anyone purchasing from Johnnie b?
  44. How tall is/was your DD at 10 yo?
  45. How much do your guide your DC when it comes to friends?
  46. Any parents of college age children appeal financial aid decisions?
  47. Small VB season update.................
  48. Are any teen girls NOT into clothes?
  49. When will they take a shower without being told to?
  50. Justice order help...
  51. I Survived DD's First Show Choir Solo
  52. tween face wash & how to approach gently
  53. Is your tween DD built similar to your sizing?
  54. Going to prom without a date???
  55. What would your punishment be for this??...small update
  56. "You just don't understand." "It's not fair."
  57. S/O Tiny Tween Choices
  58. Help me find hiking boots!
  59. UGG 16yr old boy and school HELP!
  60. Teen baldness
  61. S/O:Where do kids shop in 5th/6th grade....
  62. Pricing for Mens Aero shirts for CS
  63. Justice will now carry 5T's...
  64. Looking for spring picture ideas
  65. Boy deodorant
  66. Help advice on laser hair removal...
  67. Miss Me at Ross!
  68. M rated video games
  69. Cami Help.....
  70. Shoes for spring
  71. New to Justice - question
  72. Justice Flash sale
  73. S/O Bras - How do you know when they need a proper one?
  74. advice needed--when to intervene on their behalf
  75. period and school
  76. Please help me find a basic white shirt for my tween!
  77. Need shoe help
  78. Beginner bra that doesn't ride up?
  79. Is 9 too young for breast buds?
  80. S/O Layered dressing for tweens-straps showing OK?
  81. What to get a 14-yr old boy for his birthday?
  82. What are your Teen girls wearing 13+
  83. Bras...just because I didn't know
  84. What kind of tees with shorts?
  85. Playroom turned tween/teen hang out?
  86. DD made varsity pom!!
  87. What size Uggs should I buy daughter? Help :)
  88. Who wants to help me pick out outfits?
  89. I hate my DD's b-day party
  90. At what age...
  91. whoa whoa whoa!
  92. Anyone shopping Abercrombie kids?
  93. Has anybody ever ordered from Dress First?
  94. At what age do kids arrange their own social gatherings.
  95. Teens & Money- to give or not to give
  96. Interesting scenario at the bounce house (of all places) today
  97. Where to sell DD's clothes
  98. Stomach bug vent *do not enter* (lol)
  99. "Wait until they are teenagers"
  100. What does your tween to work out in?
  101. Investing $$$ in a musical instrument
  102. Can y'all help me with this? Updated :)
  103. Has anybody's son or daughter done a gap year?
  104. Sizing help
  105. Justice Swimsuits
  106. Great Deals on Uggs at 6PM
  107. Thoughts on the phrase "I am disappointed in you..."
  108. Extra 25% off at AK
  109. Overalls/Shortalls for girls size 10ish
  110. Is this LeSportsac too babyish for a 13 year old?
  111. Would you let your 11-12 year old hang out at the mall
  112. Chevron Zulily dress quick pic
  113. Any stores selling solid knit Bermuda shorts this summer?
  114. Small gift for 13 year old
  115. Help, my son is dating a drama queen!
  116. Does your tween have their own phone?
  117. When you call the coach..Update...
  118. tweens and lying
  119. When do you have boys shop for themselves?
  120. Anyone shop at wet seal?
  121. Teen girl Easter basket?
  122. S/O Interesting prom spinoff-girls allowed to date, but
  123. Which VB pattern is popular with teens?
  124. Teen style
  125. Birthday Parties--At what point should all of the girls in a class be invited?
  126. Nautical for teens?
  127. S/O Preppy style
  128. Help with teen sizing please
  129. Where to buy second-hand in jrs?
  130. Can someone please tell me how to ignore the teenager rudeness?
  131. 13 year old son....
  132. My tween questions
  133. Need advice...really concerned for Marisa's friend
  134. facial/body hair discoloring
  135. tween boy face cleansing system
  136. You Know She's Finally a Tween When...
  137. Teeny tiny shorts! Oh My!
  138. What age was your DS when Your DH (or you) had THE TALK?
  139. How do I approach this..
  140. Need cute and comfy shoes for WDW trip this summer
  141. If you ladies find this Justice tank in your shopping travels....
  142. Justice newbie questions
  143. What are the must get products for braces and a pallet expander??
  144. How do Justice swimsuits run?
  145. Justice has free shipping over $125 plus flash sale
  146. Cute, appropriate tween bras...
  147. *sensitive* dd has a female probem
  148. CUTE 5 in inseam shorts! WHERE????
  149. She really looks like a big kid now!
  150. Miss Me Jeans sizing
  151. Teens who are socially/emotionally delayed
  152. Anyone who has been through prom
  153. Maybe Justice has redeemed itself?
  154. Justice flash sale starts tommorow ,Fri-Mon
  155. Hockey tryouts
  156. movie at a party dilema
  157. What is your tween wearing for Easter
  158. The Hot Air Balloon Outfit
  159. Braces Consult
  160. Where to shop for 11-year-old boy?
  161. How do Tom's run? And how's the quality?
  162. When did my dd get so big
  163. Remember my other thread?
  164. To pay or not to pay.....Debate! Help!
  165. Intro to pg and pg13 movies
  166. DD chipped her front tooth :(
  167. Justice flash sale
  168. Popcorn shirt? Where to find? Size 12
  169. prom night curfews...
  170. Delia's swimsuit sizing?
  171. Tell me I am not overreacting
  172. Don't know where else to put this...
  173. Among your tween/teenager friend group, what's the most popular brand of Mobile Phone
  174. Shoe Store Is Like A Candy Store For DS!
  175. is this forum googlable?
  176. Where are you buying shorts and capris?
  177. Who pays for the social activities?
  178. I can't believe it's time for "that"
  179. Can you help Hallie with a simple poll for school?
  180. Tired of buying gifts! *teenagers*
  181. Socially exhausting school year.......
  182. Anyone buy Candies swimwear?
  183. What should I be paying for contact lenses-14 yo?
  184. Help with Thin Tween (11 YO) Bathing Suit
  185. Son in 5th grade band as a 4th grader
  186. What would your 11 year old DS wear for spring pics?
  187. help with shopping for DD
  188. Moms of 12/13 yo boys-Help a clueless mom out?
  189. Nothing Fits Hallie.... So frustrated!
  190. Kids in band
  191. Great Article for you Tanning Teen
  192. SAT Prep recommendations?
  193. A "It's -17C here and my dd wore a skirt to school" vent.
  194. Is this okay or did I blow it? DD's birthday...
  195. Would appreciate some thoughts on this
  196. Has anyone ordered the bead chandelier from ps aero?
  197. Where to buy?
  198. Algebra 2 or Algebra 2/Trig?????
  199. Girls Facial Hair?
  200. What size bike does your 10 yr old dd ride?
  201. HS student sues parents....
  202. I want to scream...dress dilemma - please advise
  203. How do abercrombie slims?
  204. Another need Birthday ideas for 10 year old
  205. What age for training bra?
  206. Help me shop for athletic wear....
  207. Shock: she got *put* on a team-volleyball
  208. Teens and dating...what are your parameters?
  209. Justice BOGO sale
  210. tween girl shopping vent
  211. Shoes for spring/summer? (no open-toed)
  212. Pandora bracelet
  213. I'm shocked- cute bathing suit from AK
  214. Next Justice flash sale ?
  215. Hurry run to Dillard's
  216. Tell me whats cool in the Tween Girl World
  217. Any experience with National Middle school/Juniors Honor Society?
  218. What do you do with a painfully shy child?
  219. Anyone know the brand of this raincoat?
  220. Hunter Boots on 6pm
  221. Tell me about political BS in HS sports
  222. How do you know its time for a phone?
  223. Another 13th birthday question
  224. She made the team
  225. $25 gift for an 11 year old
  226. AP classes and accelerated tracks
  227. Choosing a career- guidance/advice?
  228. Justice new 30 off 50 Funcard
  229. 13th birthday gift
  230. almost 10 year old :(
  231. Moms of teen dancers....bra under leo?
  232. High School AP Testing question for parents
  233. A boy thread what do you pair with....
  234. At what age do you start to narrow down activities?
  235. Have any of your ydd's gotten their period before their older sister?
  236. Justice shoppers please help
  237. Ongoing search for cute and modest swimsuits
  238. sharing pics of my 14 yo's photo shoot
  239. Any TDF bathing suits, size 10?
  240. How often does Justice do a flash sale?
  241. Need chair advice for DD's room
  242. my dd wants this dress for prom question about bra?
  243. Justice shopping
  244. Jack Rogers sandals
  245. FYI: Justice Email w/ Survey link
  246. *Deleted, Thank you!* Advice Please, School issue
  247. The unpredictable 11 year old
  248. Toms on Zulily
  249. UPDATED WITH PIC Met Josh from Drake & Josh
  250. Is this typical for a 9.5yr old???