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  1. S/O party bus invite
  2. Anyone have experience with Invisalign?
  3. Boots for a 7th grader
  4. Those with high school seniors (or those who have kids that have graduated)
  5. Puberty Books for Boys?
  6. PBteen Hang Around Chairs
  7. How are you talking with your teens about the election?
  8. Justice
  9. My 13yo DD just got invited to a birthday party on a party bus.
  10. Cell phone holder for making musically videos?
  11. Halloween issue with DD's group
  12. Too Faced Make Up- Is this a good gift for 13 Year old?
  13. What time does your MS and HS start?
  14. Never mind, it's been moved.
  15. How would you handle this?
  16. Vaccinations in school and error made - WWYD? UPDATED
  17. DS afraid of heights! WWYD?
  18. Awkward situation....wwyd?
  19. Christmas dress ideas?
  20. What jeans do your Tweens prefer from A&F?
  21. Olympic gymnast costume?
  22. Need costume suggestion
  23. Costumes for teen boys that aren't fussy/difficult
  24. s/o senior photo thread...
  25. A different question regarding Victoria's Secret PINK
  26. Will there be any justice sales anytime soon?
  27. Where do you mostly clothes-shop for teen boys?
  28. When ordering Senior portraits...
  29. Winter Coats for middle school girls in cold climates?
  30. Trends for 10-12 year old girl gifts?
  31. What is appropriate consequence?
  32. Adjusting to middle school...
  33. Cat Ear Headphones from Brookstone
  34. Abercrombie kids coupon?
  35. Hmmmm....unfollowed someone on my dd's instagram
  36. Hair dryer
  37. Ivory Ella
  38. What do your tween take trick or treating to collect candy in??
  39. Venting on teen drama
  40. "Shame" your teammates
  41. Tiny middle schooler
  42. Please help with sizing on LL Beans Boots.
  43. Victoria's Secret PINK, school me on how to shop?
  44. I need a gift for a 14 year old girl fast. Amazon is best
  45. Teenagers and Alcohol
  46. Where have you found the best deals on UGGS?
  47. Entering middle school late
  48. High Schooler HATES her new school... WWYD?
  49. What do you think of this dress for a Nov 4th event?
  50. AK overalls? any reviews?
  51. I dislike group projects!
  52. Do you have an older HS kid or college student with a LD?
  53. Fun board games for a 13 yr old girl sleepover?
  54. Hawaiian shirts
  55. What height Bean Boots for girls?
  56. Christmas outfits?
  57. Anyone buying with Justice 40%?
  58. Question for moms of college kids
  59. Are Uggs still "cool"
  60. Birthday party/birthday gift for 11 yr old girl
  61. Chromebooks
  62. Adidas Superstars sizing
  63. Homecoming pics
  64. Looking for ideas for senior meet
  65. 9 year old hormonal
  66. Gift for 16 year old girl
  67. FAFSA / CSS forms
  68. Teen Fashion Blogs
  69. Vans?
  70. Parenting Teens
  71. Sensory Clothes Fall Thread
  72. Karen - mygirkkristi
  73. Sneakers 12 year old boy??
  74. First Menstrual Period Concerns-
  75. Tween soon to be teen acne face wash recommendations
  76. have you ever done your child's homework?
  77. Do you limit your teen electronic time??
  78. Buying dd turning 16 a gift on amazon
  79. Cotillion
  80. Foozball vs Air Hockey?
  81. Can we talk Halloween costumes?
  82. First junior high school dance?
  83. Snow Boots for teens
  84. Letting your kids ride with teen drivers
  85. Digital School - anyone have kids at a paperless school?
  86. Teens and spending money
  87. Loot bag for 10 year old daughter bday party, ideas?
  88. Homecoming 2016 pics thread.....
  89. Mystery/suspense books for teens
  90. escape room party for 12 yo girls?
  91. First Cell Phone
  92. "Sad" 13 year old
  93. Boys/drama
  94. Boys Adidas?
  95. What is homecoming like at your high school?
  96. Another Homecoming question....
  97. Homecoming Dresses
  98. Petite Length Jeans for Juniors?
  99. Today is one of those days...
  100. Any thoughts on PSAT?
  101. How would you tell your DD how to handle this?
  102. Can we talk about boys and Homecoming?
  103. Jeans/Pants for Tween Boy with booty
  104. How should I handle this?
  105. Ivivva sport bras
  106. Do your teens ever use melatonin?
  107. Jeans - not sure what to do
  108. Class dues
  109. Student loan questions
  110. Swimsuit for 12 year old
  111. What are the favorite shoes for middle school?
  112. Stick on bra pads
  113. Homecoming
  114. Help with Homecoming Outfit (for a boy for a change)
  115. How warm is the Northface Andes?
  116. Where do you buy bows?
  117. Aero...are they closing
  118. Parents of teens 16 and up:
  119. Need advice with DD
  120. Another question about college loans...
  121. Justice Style Perks
  122. What brand does your high school dd like for sweatshirts?
  123. North Face jacket question
  124. Does your daughter look like you?
  125. AK return policy??
  126. Zumiez online has some good stuff on sale
  127. Wrist cutting (SENSITIVE)
  128. New school year....New hair color
  129. Abercrombie sizing
  130. High school electives?
  131. Can we talk about dating?
  132. 40% off entire store....code for AK
  133. Tween/Teen Twin Birthday Parties
  134. I have the grade 12 blues
  135. Check your email.... Abercrombie kids
  136. so, about body hair...
  137. I just need to brag for a moment (DD and volleyball)
  138. Skincare for a Pre-Teen
  139. I need some me backpack ideas - girls or boys
  140. Straightening Brush
  141. Boy done growing but I want to keep shopping
  142. Quick snack for athletes between school & practice
  143. For those of you whose teens use a Chromebook.....
  144. Justice Order Not Showing Up?
  145. School dress up day help
  146. DS came home from a playdate...
  147. Do Vans go on sale?
  148. Review of Abercrombie Kid new jeans
  149. What does your DC's Rx acne protocol consist of?
  150. What are your tween/teen boys wearing for picture day?
  151. Need help with deodorant...
  152. Louisiana flooding causing a lot of changes for my kids..
  153. How old for bralette?
  154. Hair product for older boys?
  155. AK secret sale
  156. Abercrombie Kids "Outfit" for $25 sale!
  157. Vent about the mean girl
  158. Cautionary Tale
  159. Girls Bedroom
  160. Tween boys and music
  161. Is it a phase or am I just going to have to suck it up!!!
  162. Are Fit Bits popular with teen boys too?
  163. At what age did your DD see the biggest growth?
  164. Need help finding jeans for 14 year old DD
  165. How do you help a super forgetful teen?
  166. Has anyone's DC had an Under Armour backpack for HS?
  167. Raincoat for college student?
  168. Middle schoolers & weekend plans
  169. 8th Grade & Up Sneakers/Shoes
  170. BST question?
  171. 18yo dd is all moved in at college, but...
  172. Free application
  173. Advice needed for auditions
  174. Pura Vida Bracelets?
  175. What kind of fall jacket does your teen wear?
  176. quick help - which stores still have shorts?
  177. Justice coupons in email
  178. Outfit help!
  179. Well I should be getting about 27 packages from Justice...
  181. hormones broke my DD
  182. Small middle schooler
  183. 50% off one item AK
  184. What Are Your Rules & Restrictions for Cell Phones Ages 8-12?
  185. Wipes for acne?
  186. If you've taken your tween/teen to dermatologist for acne ...
  187. Looking for some teen career advice how to help by daughter pick or narrow it down??
  188. Any ideas for toys for tweens?
  189. Homecoming dress $30, shoes $1,235...updated 10/15 first post:)
  190. AK sizing help for boys and a sale question...
  191. Tween Drama Advice or Support appreciated
  192. What are your High School Boys wearing
  193. FYI: AK 25% coupon stacks!
  194. Ivory Ella sizing
  195. Jeans sadness
  196. So tired of telling my teen how to do things!
  197. First week of middle school!
  198. would your 6th grader wear these converse
  199. Shoes!
  200. Senior Pictures - how are they done in your area?
  201. Is Justice website down?
  202. What do your 12 year old wear under dressed/skirts in winter?
  203. justice style perks
  204. Birthday gift for 10 year old girl
  205. Disney Trip for Teen Girl
  206. Please tell me I am being silly...
  207. Backpacks- what are your Middle School Boys carrying
  208. What does your teen wear under long cardigans?
  209. Anyone have a lacrosse player?
  210. Tween watch suggestions
  211. Teen camis?
  212. Where do you find size 0 tall pants?
  213. BTS/Fall OOTD Thread
  214. Today online AK jeans are $24.
  215. Online college classes for seniors?
  216. First Day of School Picture Thread
  217. How often does AK come "back in stock"?
  218. socks
  219. Manners?
  220. AK sizing help needed por favor
  221. Size 10/12 dress fashion show
  222. Justice credit card
  223. Why is it so hard to put together cute outfits for 10 year olds?
  224. Which Vera Bradley purse for 11 year old?
  225. Tween boys with wider feet, adult size?
  226. I feel like spilling the beans....
  227. Preppy brands for boys?
  228. Tennis shoes???
  229. Where can I get a tween bathrobe?
  230. Instagram Stories is new on Instagram, and just like snapchat
  231. Help me brainstorm tween interest in marine biology
  232. If your kids have had jobs, what were they and what age did they start
  233. High School and lockers
  234. Locker set-up?
  235. Nike Elite bball socks: worth the $?
  236. Emergency bag in locker?
  237. Justice free ship and coupons available
  238. Middle School Bullying- Be Honest With Me
  239. Joyfolie 50% code for Galdiators
  240. Aaack! The Common App came out today and I'm not ready!
  241. *update*There's going to be a Mother's Football Clinic
  242. Caitlyn's Hollister FS
  243. If your dd has outgrown her AG ?
  244. shoe deal today 8/1
  245. Vera Bradley
  246. Hiphop style??
  247. Gardisil
  248. Where can I find a Justice coupon?
  249. UGH Middle school "recommends" a messenger bag
  250. Does your tween girl have a cute hairstyle? Show me!