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  1. Hallies Delia Picks...
  2. Cowboy or Combat boots?
  3. Great deal on jeans at AE
  4. Moms of high schoolers, does their hs have the Cambridge program (AICE)?
  5. How to be discreet?
  6. How to Style Cowboy Boots???
  7. Keeping a tween's weight in check
  8. Boot cut jeans, yay or nay? (4th/5th grade)
  9. AK sizing ? Never ordered before
  10. AK - I see them in outfits but not for sale ?
  11. Haunted darkroom? any quirks @ ur kids school?
  12. Justice additional 20% off stacked with fun cards!
  13. Where to buy knee socks
  14. Delia's sizing? Petite 13 year old
  15. Has your child ever been the "mean one" ??
  16. Which is the best case? Or any other advice?
  17. Fleece pants bigger than size 16? (girls) Where?
  18. Flash sale Justice..
  19. I know it has happened to everyone already but
  20. Sneaking in here to ask a question about justice.
  21. Help this Florida mom out with buying winter coats please!
  22. Is there a hidden meaning to the peach emoji on Instagram?
  23. Period Question Regarding My 12 Year Old
  24. AAP pushing for middle and high schools to start later...
  25. Question about teens and working long hours?
  26. Justice and their short tops
  27. AK Let it go tank?
  28. Anyone else a bundle of nerves at beginning of school year?
  29. Any idea how much I will spend on pearls?
  30. Skinny jeans with looser legs?
  31. Best shoes for running track?
  32. How much do I need to save for college
  33. tween/teen sleeping bag?
  34. Has this made it instore to Justice yet...
  35. Longer gym shorts for girls
  36. Teeen girl spandex under shorts?
  37. How's the fit on Justice Super Skinny sweatpants?
  38. S/O of the "looking" younger thread....
  39. Calculator for middle school?
  40. Delete
  41. NM thanks
  42. Experience gift ideas for teens?
  43. Upper elementary school & boyfriends/girlfriends
  44. My anxious/sensitive teen. Just a vent.
  45. Saving Clothes- the older kids
  46. Miss me jeans resale question
  47. Delias sizing?
  48. Do you view your kids as "looking younger"?
  49. Sports dilemma...What to do??? Playing in games w/o going to practices
  50. Aero gets new/old CEO
  51. Loose wavy curls for stick straight hair
  52. Jeans for late tweens/early teen girls
  53. Getting things monogrammed
  54. How many pairs of shoes does your HS DS have?
  55. Terri the stylin guru...
  56. Would you be ok with this?
  57. Can you return Abercrombie kids to Abercrombie and Fitch?
  58. What are the teen boys wearing on the first day of school?
  59. high school daughter: are these too young?
  60. Justice 55% off sale?
  61. High School Moms only please - advice needed
  62. Next flash sale?
  63. Tween/Teens 1st Day of School Pics
  64. What bra with a racerback tank?
  65. Where can I find a jean vest?
  66. Justice knit jeggings question...dress code
  67. Halloween costumes for tweens
  68. What size waist is a womens 6/7??
  69. Puberty Question
  70. Winner Picked!!! **GIVEAWAY** $30 off $50 J. Bucks for Justice
  71. Justice outfit ideas with scarves for a soon-to-be 8-year-old?
  72. Looking for coat recommendations for my 6th grader
  73. How many outfits do your early teens have?
  74. Just a quick thanks :)
  75. besides AE..where to shop for a teen
  76. Jackets and Coats
  77. Anyone have any advice on where to shop?
  78. Speaking of dressing nicer - are the boys "fancier" than the girls?
  79. Combat Boots?
  80. Stamping out the t-shirt and jeans, lol
  81. Boy Mamas - Are Tornado Titanium Necklaces Popular
  82. Okay moms with kids leaving for college, how are you doing?
  83. Updated w/ pics- anyway to use these crazy leggings dd wants?
  84. Justice J-bucks/Fun cards redemption date.
  85. Anyone find some good deals on teen boy stuff?
  86. Abercrombie kids
  87. Any teen (or mom) shopping at GoJane.com?
  88. Not the teacher she wanted for math
  89. Shower speakers
  90. Post Your Locker Pictures Here
  91. AK sizing
  92. Next flash sale at Justice?
  93. When would you give phone/computer back?
  94. At what age do you have to be careful with the boy/girl friends.
  95. Are Spyder jackets still "in"?
  96. teasing in 5th grade, girls and developnent
  97. can you use Hollister code more than once?
  98. AK back to school
  99. Purses for TEEN girls?
  100. Anyone have pics of kids in harem pants??
  101. Can we move off BTS for a min...
  102. What age did your DD start wearing a bra?
  103. If you have a cross country runner
  104. AK leggings???
  105. Geez justice sandals
  106. Church going moms of teens ...
  107. AK sizing help needed
  108. Overalls for Tweens for Back to School
  109. When is the next flash sale ?
  110. Where to find juniors uniform polos that.....
  111. Vent: "My DD is more mature"
  112. Picture day for 10/11 year olds?
  113. what to wear with this AK skirt?
  114. Just had THE talk with my son
  115. Tom's deodorant is no longer cutting it--what else is out there?
  116. Sugarlips Clothing
  117. Moms of seniors, anyone want to cry with me
  118. Has anyone been to a Justice outlet?
  119. Jbucks not working
  120. Being a SAHM with tweens/teens.... Thoughts?
  121. Help with adult sized jeans
  122. Are your teen boys particular about shorts length?
  123. AK is 25% off
  124. apps for tweens
  125. High School Moms - When is Homecoming?
  126. Razors - need suggestions
  127. 6th grade backpack help!
  128. AK jean leggings
  129. Nervous about high school.....
  130. The Book Thief for a 10 year old?
  131. (HS) Summer Enrichment Program at College
  132. Geez teenagers are expensive
  133. What size does a 000 equate to in girls???
  134. Hollister guys pants...do they run big??
  135. Riding Attire??? Where to buy?
  136. weird question about dosing Tylenol
  137. Knew this day was coming...
  138. Chosing a high school
  139. Unexpected good news!
  140. School Lunch
  141. The Official Tween OOTD Thread
  142. The Official Teen OOTD Thread
  143. Making DD a "tween" basket (deo/razors/ect)...what brands?
  144. Daisy's 1st day of school in Justice
  145. Help finding matching things
  146. Justice Free Shipping on ALL orders today!
  147. Anyone have the bento containers from PB Teen?
  148. Anyone want to see Paige's BTS fashion show? :)
  149. Best place for uniforms once they are out of kids sizes?
  150. Help with sizing North Face jacket please
  151. Laptop backpack recommendations?
  152. Is justice skewing younger?
  153. Ugh... Brothers is STILL Too Expensive
  154. What is your teen son wearing?
  155. What do you consider a tween/teen?
  156. monogrammed items?
  157. Nevermind
  158. Winter coats
  159. Omegle app
  160. Teen moms.....does anybody's dd still not into hair/make up??
  161. Justice at Marshall's
  162. Is it better to shop Flash Sale now or wait until J Bucks redemption?
  163. Caroline's First Day of School**Updated with her IG Acct**
  164. Justice flash sale- outlet too?
  165. PS Aero & Aero free shipping & 30%
  166. Tween/Teen Lockers
  167. Are Toms still ''cool''?
  168. Acne
  169. How's the quality on justice polos?
  170. Do anyone's teen girls get cute school supplies?
  171. Does you teen still do well child doctor visits? (poll added)
  172. At what age/grade do you let your teen manage their own correspondences?
  173. Staying home alone for a few short minutes?
  174. Does abercrombie kids do any sales? coupons?
  175. Mad Pax?
  176. Justice carts for upcoming Flash sale?
  177. Justice Flash Sale~ July 31-August 4
  178. Out of curiosity, when does school start and where do you live?
  179. tweens in a wedding...make-up or no make-up?
  180. S/O does your teen do his/her own laundry?
  181. Today's Justice BOGO online sale...
  182. Pottery Barn Teen Backpack VS Messenger
  183. Justice BOGO Free today! :) Online only....
  184. Updated with our plan: What should a teen know before they graduate?
  185. Are the Justice Knit Denim Jeggings soft?
  186. graphing calculator
  187. Whats a good price to pay for Sperry's?
  188. What kind of boxers for middle school boys?
  189. Tillys/ Full Tilt Sizing
  190. Show me your backpack/lunchbox for your tween and teens!
  191. Does your tween/teen love Hot Topic?
  192. Where to find white slip-on tennies
  193. AK Sizing Help
  194. Gift for 11 yr old girl?
  195. What to wear over decorative camis?
  196. DH let DD cut all her hair off. I'm so sad.
  197. Kids and contacts
  198. First period problems. Not sure what to think...
  199. Crossbody bags/purses for teens?
  200. Sadie singing in Belek, Turkey
  201. abercrombie kids jeans sizing
  202. Who is Right?
  203. Size 9 jeans?
  204. My 7 year old weighs.....
  205. Overcoming anxiety!
  206. Help with tween husky sizes
  207. Swim moms- TYR jammer size recommendation?
  208. How much sleep does a teenager really need?!
  209. Beginnings of face care
  210. What snacks do you feed teen boys? Cheap is good too!
  211. I think my 8 year old just started her period?!?!?!?!
  212. What's in for 8th grade girls?
  213. Justice Fun cards and J bucks....
  214. outfit idea
  215. I earned 3 J Bucks with an online order, but
  216. Glasses
  217. Razor- what brand?
  218. What trends do you think are going to be out this school year?
  219. Necklaces???
  220. What shows does your 7/8 year old watch?
  221. Next Flash Sale?
  222. First day of school outfit
  223. First day of school outfit
  224. Does anyone know when the next Justice flash sale is?
  225. justice outfits for fall/winter?
  226. Jansport (maybe other brands too) backpack mommas
  227. Ok someone pleas explain j-bucks
  228. acrylic nails for tweens?
  229. Puberty in Boys???
  230. Tweens underwear..... changing for PE
  231. starting new school on opposite side of the country BTS
  232. How to get your kids to enjoy spending time at home?
  233. Do kids still buy class rings?
  234. Age requirement for Instagram?
  235. Tattoos
  236. help with car pool
  237. Good Place for Fun Graphic T-Shirts for Teens...
  238. Sizing help for an aussie GF please
  239. 99 Texting terms every parent should know
  240. Can you guys help me find a plain white fitted crop top?
  241. So how do you help your daughers with the trasition?
  242. Tell me all about North Face
  243. Asics sneakers - how do they run?
  244. Senior pictures?
  245. Abercrombie Kids BTS, What is everyone buying?
  246. BTS shoes for tween/teen boys?
  247. Justice uniform bottoms..half sizes
  248. Uggs
  249. Thanks. :)
  250. Backpacks that hold laptops?