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  1. Do your high schoolers have Young Life at their school?
  2. Any justice coupons?
  3. Where do you buy Nike tempo shorts?
  4. Winter Formal Pics!
  5. AK sales?
  6. School me on UA.
  7. Justice Online has lots of good clearance sweaters!
  8. Anyone have a child upset about growing up?
  9. Need bed ideas
  10. Is this something to worry about? Anyone else have a dd start their period late?
  11. mamas with older teen children
  12. Sadie Hawkins formal
  13. Does Abercrombie kids online replenish items?
  14. Anyone's child wear a watch?
  15. Cheap formal/semi formal dresses on Amazon
  16. How do you know if its for real or a phase?
  17. Help w/ Middle to High School Tranisition
  18. Justice sale is up
  19. Legging question
  20. Style question
  21. New Justice catalog is online (sale info)
  22. Lands end tshirt sizing
  23. Hot Topic Mystery Code
  24. AFK- spring sales?
  25. Advice...ADHD, poor behavior?
  26. Music.ly app
  27. I need help...
  28. Any more justice coupons ?
  29. Here's another social media tragedy
  30. Need some advice...
  31. Dads and their tween daughters...
  32. My DD's 8th grade dance
  33. Justice free ship today 2/1, no min
  34. what spring outfits are you getting for the girls?
  35. How do I get this kind of curl?
  36. Pants for non jean non sporty teen/tween ??
  37. Joyfolie Spring!!!!!
  38. Abercrombie Kids Spring! Love it all!
  39. Is this normal teen boy stuff? ADD?
  40. 2nd PSA on Boys and Gaming
  41. I'm the mom of "the mean girl" How do I even deal?
  42. I don't know where to shop anymore!
  43. Injured at school - nurse questions
  44. I'm Baffled and Not Sure What to do....
  45. Tutor? Additional Help? Going into Middle School
  46. What to wear to a theatre?!
  47. SO proud of my little guy! (pic heavy)
  48. Converse High Tops
  49. PSA about social media and teens
  50. *UPDATE* with pictures! DS Asking his crush to midwinter dance today! :)
  51. Help me "style" DD's Daddy-Daughter dance dress...
  52. Justice fashion show size 12
  53. Spirit Week - Beach Day
  54. Gifted and high school
  55. Ivivva on Zulily today
  56. cute shorter hair cuts for tweens/teens?
  57. What do Jr. High girls wear for PE?
  58. Cutting
  59. Abusive high school teacher
  60. Pros and cons of staying local or going away to college
  61. College Process - Help! Need Insight
  62. How can I motivate my High School senior?
  63. AK sizing?
  64. Vera Bradley for an 11yr old Question
  65. Leggings that run slim and long?
  66. mixing different groups of kids at a party
  67. Where do your kids attend college?
  68. WWYD- High school decision
  69. Collegiate High School/Dual Enrollment for AA
  70. Interesting article about community service
  71. Spirit wear and bday
  72. "Scary" Movie suggestions for 12-13 yr old
  73. Run- Justice has $2 knite waist jeans...
  74. Style struggle - Preppy with a twist?
  75. Language requirements for college?
  76. Comment from a boy made DD uncomfortable
  77. How many AP courses did your Junior take?
  78. How does Bonnie Jean run?
  79. app to read your teen's texts?
  80. New Justice Spring-what's in your cart? Tween moms
  81. Unique Sweet 16 celebrations?
  82. How did your DD celebrate her 13th birthday?
  83. so have your college kids gone back to school yet
  84. Vineyard Vines sizing
  85. When is Winter Formal for your Highschooler?
  86. Need help finding a cute top for ak skirt!?!
  87. Credit cards at Justice online - anyone have problems?
  88. Winter Formal Pictures
  89. Is this okay for 11? Updated with compromised dress.
  90. Wwyd- touchy subject
  91. Help me shop for my plus size tween...
  92. The First Period - a kinda gross question
  93. She has a boyfriend at 15 - I'm totally okay with it
  94. Anyone Else Having Issues Accessing PSAT/NMSQT
  95. Do you go to parent/teacher conferences in MS & later?
  96. Tween Mom ISO inspiration for redecorating Bedroom
  97. Any teens whiten their teeth?
  98. **DEAD**Tall Navy Uggs $45 @ 6pm
  99. What do your teenagers like to do outside of school?
  100. Long Sleeve dresses?
  101. How much of your past do you share with your kids, and how do you deal with today??
  102. privacy, trust and electronic devices
  103. For the Alternative Girls' Mamas
  104. AE Clearance Sale
  105. Where do you buy leggings for your tween (juniors)?
  106. Building a teen's wardrobe
  107. Best Tools for Combing Out Tangled Hair?
  108. Does AK run small for girls?
  109. "Competing" with peers...
  110. Does anyone's kid blog?
  111. Kendama question
  112. Justice coupons?
  113. Anyone spending their Justice Style Perks?
  114. Copic Markers
  115. Justice Customer Service
  116. What kind of relationship do you think you will have with your children when they
  117. Bathing suits: Done with Justice but not Teen yet
  118. Educate me on Beats
  119. Under Armour Teen boy?
  120. Purse or backpack?
  121. So what were the successful gifts?
  122. Sore breasts in DD?
  123. Any tips for cleaning a retainer?
  124. Anyone have a young teen who gets BAD cramps?
  125. Recommend a book for me to help my 6th gr. DD
  126. What are your 14yo dd's getting for Christmas?
  127. Today I am offically a tween mom!
  128. Pads ...NO wings for tween
  129. Anyone have a kid who plays Battle Beach?
  130. AK in regular Abercrombie store?
  131. Fitness Tracker at Justice - brand?
  132. Watches for tweens?
  133. holiday pictures--show me yours
  134. Any coupons for Justice?
  135. Casual dresses for size 14/16 or Jrs XS
  136. Well, no braces yet
  137. Kendra Scott jewelry for tweens
  138. Gift Ideas for DD's Boyfriend
  139. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell-- what age?
  140. Makai Clothing ( Ivory Ella but Sea Turtles)
  141. Great Ugg Deals in Classic Styles for Last Minute Shoppers
  142. $15 present needed for teen boy
  143. How to Deal With Teen Depression
  144. Working parents, young teens and summer
  145. Ice Breaker Games that your older kids like?
  146. Abercrombie Kids pajamas...
  147. Stupid Justice!!
  148. Mean kid. How much/when do you intervene?
  149. Acne solutions for teen boys?
  150. Pottery barn teen...
  151. Justice Class Action Lawsuit
  152. 8th grade sparkle dance pictures
  153. Proud Mom moment
  154. Perfume Question (new question)
  155. Help with accessories!
  156. Is 9 too young to get a period? How old were your daughters?
  157. 14 year old girl gift ideas?
  158. Can DD1 pull this off?
  159. Justice Orders
  160. AF Kids Sizing
  161. After school app
  162. cool art supplies for 10 yr old girl? (going on 20) lol
  163. Average amount of time your MS kid spends on homework?
  164. Gift for 15 year old girl that doesn't want anything.
  165. kids clothing senstivities, needing bras... help!
  166. Where do you graduate to after the tween Justice phase? LOL
  167. Gift ideas for 14 year old boy who wants nothing
  168. Most popular clothing stores for teen girls?
  169. Help with dd's therapy
  170. A little sad ... daughter growing up ...
  171. Any recs for shampoo for dry, flaky scalp for DD
  172. Wisdom Teeth.
  173. Rubber bands on braces, advice?
  174. crafts for 11 yo girl?
  175. A Teen Vent
  176. Need book suggestion for 11 year old girl
  177. ipod touch cases for tween boys
  178. Yikes! When regular body wash isn't enough...
  179. Is there a way to bring up Juniors on the Nordstrom website?
  180. Cami - full length version of the pull-over trainer style?
  181. charging cords for stocking stuffers
  182. Legos for older kids--anyone do Mindstorms or ?
  183. Has anyone's child read the boy in the striped pajamas?
  184. Re: Social Media--has anyone heard of the Brighten ap?
  185. It happened
  186. Justice recommendations
  187. Etiquette to being invited somewhere
  188. Anyone know why Justice doesn't make items with certain initials?
  189. Transitioning into junior sizing???
  190. Junior vs. Misses sizing question
  191. Tween Christmas/winter dresses
  192. On the social media topic - Being Thirteen documentary
  193. Pac Sun/Brandy Melville?
  194. Justice Class Action
  195. Shopping for teenage boys
  196. Help accessorizing these dresses for me?
  197. Kindle fire for a teen girl?
  198. Need big gift ideas for tween ds please!
  199. Where can i find a Black long Cardigan?
  200. Monogram question
  201. never mind!! admin can delete
  202. I need ideas for brands for winter coats for teens?
  203. What shoes with this dress for a recital?
  204. PSA: Tween/Teen (Boy moms esp) Gaming Safety Concerns
  205. Smaller gifts for tween boys?
  206. Help with Aeropostale PS kids
  207. Ulta Makeup Kit $24.99
  208. Pandora like bracelet with charms
  209. White elephant gift for teen??
  210. ? for track moms
  211. PSA: Tween/Teen safety on social media
  212. So proud of my son (mom brag alert)
  213. Geography Bee?
  214. Does your junior high student have Instagram?
  215. Time in Braces?
  216. Let me know what you think of this ongoing assignment
  217. What are you buying on cyber Monday?
  218. Skin care products for sensitive skin
  219. Calligraphy set for tween?
  220. Need ideas for angel tree tag- 11yr boy
  221. Anyone shopping AK?
  222. Ahhh! DS outgrew all of his jeans...
  223. shoe size question
  224. Need advice regarding DD11 and consequences
  225. College moms- do the rules change when they are back home?
  226. Ozobot, Sphero, or Ollie for a Teen?
  227. I need help finding Uggs
  228. how to help a shy tween
  229. Justice 50% off, is this the best bet for Spring Preview?
  230. tell me about hunter boots
  231. Awkward day ahead...
  232. Instagram 'Issues'. Anything else I should do?
  233. Need good/expensive gift for 11DD
  234. Best socks for boys will smelly feet
  235. What else might they want with MacBook Pro?
  236. Fitbits at school? Any issues?
  237. Help please, can't find the Christmas list thread
  238. Clothing options for the very small tween?
  239. Where can I find LoKai bracelets?
  240. So I think I found dds north face jacket
  241. Parental control phone apps
  242. Aerie Panties
  243. Do you buy a gift for your child bf/gf?
  244. Christmas gift idea for teen DD's friends
  245. Afterschool App?
  246. What age for makeup?
  247. Outfit ideas for Abercrombie kids
  248. DS 17 and buying for girlfriend...
  249. Book series for 10 year old girl reading several years ahead?
  250. How does your school determine honors, high honors, etc?